10-26 Update



Work continues on the installation of the 2 large HVAC units. Hopefully that service will be restored in the coming week or two. We are grateful for the mild temperatures while we are without heat in the building. (As mentioned in a previous update, we do now have heat in the offices and bathrooms. These new units heat and cool the auditorium and upstairs classrooms.)


The carpet arrived on Friday morning and four men managed to get all of it 

inside. The Bromley and Walton Brawn were on display. πŸ™‚ Pictures are in the “Restoration” album.

Sound board was re-installed in the nursery.


The new wiring for the sound system was installed and the decking was placed back on the platform.


Carpet2Cabinets are scheduled to arrive Monday, October 28th, between 12 noon and 4 PM. We would appreciate a group of men who could be at the church during that time frame to help us haul them in when they arrive. There will be small jobs that can be done during the time of waiting.


Although we had planned to be back in our building for services by Sunday, November 3, we now think that we will likely not make that time frame. We are now hopeful to have heat and carpet done by the following week, November 10th.




More photos have been added to this album:



10-24 Update

Crane and HVAC unit2

Finishing touches are being completed as we prepare for carpet delivery on Friday. There are some small cleaning tasks to be accomplished before then. Bob Walton is heading up the installation of the carpet. Thanks, Bob!

New wiring and sound equipment is to arrive Thursday afternoon and will need to be quickly installed so we can close up the platform.


Crane and HVAC unit

The old HVAC units were lifted out by a crane and the new units were brought in by the same crane on Tuesdaymorning. There are pictures of the whole process in the “Restoration” photo album. Lee Zweigle is heading up the installation process for us. We are very grateful for his help!

The floors were thoroughly scrubbed and now shine again thanks to several individuals who ran a cleaning machine for many hours on Tuesday.


We are still planning the delivery of our cabinets and appliances for Monday, October 28th. We will likely be given a four-hour delivery window, and we will need help getting all of these units unloaded and transported into the building.

Answered prayer! Our gas meter was restored on Wednesday! We lit the pilot lights, and we can again enjoy hot water in the bathrooms and heat in the offices, foyer, bathrooms and nursery. πŸ™‚ Hooray! πŸ™‚

As many of us drove to AWANA at Campion Academy last night, we were surprised to see so many cars at our church building as we drove past. Volunteers were again working hard at removing the muck and rock from the landscaping on the east side of our parking lot. What a blessing! We are so grateful for the long, hard work that they are doing for us!!!


Cleaning Floor

Colton’s Eagle Scout project was approved, so he will be leading a group of Boy Scouts in restoring our landscape islands and even making some landscaping improvements at the front of our building.

What a great God we have to send these many extra hands to help us restore our building and grounds!!! “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights.” (James 1:17)


We are hoping that this coming Sunday, October 27th, will be our final Sunday for meeting at the Campion facility. We are very grateful to the Seventh Day Adventist staff who called and offered us a meeting place after they heard of our damage! They have been extremely gracious in allowing us to meet there forSunday mornings and to even hold our AWANA ministry there on Wednesday evenings. We are hoping to meet once more for AWANA at the Campion facility on October 30th.

41 days ago our building was inundated with about 2 feet of water. How we have seen the Lord work and provide in amazing ways in those few weeks! We are so grateful for all that the Lord has done!!! Praise to His Name!

10-19 Update

Check out the recent pictures that have been added!! πŸ™‚

Many small and large projects were finished up this week.

The painting is complete.

The bathroom partitions are in and the other bathroom fixtures have all been re-installed.

The foyer tile is down.

Some wood trim has been installed.

Some decorations are back up.

All the light fixtures were cleaned and all the flat surfaces were dusted.

The downstairs windows and screens were cleaned.

More work was done on cleaning up the landscaping.

The shed was organized.

The nursery bathroom is set up again.

The water fountain was re-installed.

The utility sink was re-installed in the janitor’s closet.

The small sink in the kitchen was re-installed.

Switch and outlet plates were all re-installed.

Fire extinguishers were re-installed.

Wood trim was all stained and clear coated.

Shelves were added in the foyer closet and sprinkler room. Things were put away. πŸ™‚

Lots of other general cleaning was done.

Bob K. built a harrow and has been attempting to break up the muck on the lawns.

Preparation for HVAC units was done.

A gas line valve was added so that we should be able to get the gas turned back on at the building. How nice it will be to have hot water available again.

A temporary door was added to the ladies room. Hooray! (There’s a picture of it in the “Restoration” photo album.)

In the coming week, we hope to receive our new HVAC units and to begin the installation. The carpet should also arrive by the end of the week and installation hopefully can begin.

Additional damage was found to the sound system wiring under the platform so we are hoping to get those repairs done this week as well.

On Monday, October 28th, all of our new nursery, bathroom, and kitchen cupboards are scheduled to be delivered so we will need to have a crew on hand to unload them and carry them inside. We may also schedule the delivery of our kitchen appliances for that same day.

Rinnai has donated a $2000.00 tankless water heater for in the janitor closet! What a blessing! That unit may be installed this week if we are able to get our new gas meter put in.

Over the next several weeks some of the landscape islands will be restored with new weed block and rock. Some other exterior improvements are also planned for the front of the building. This work will be led by a young man named Colton who is taking on this project to fulfill his community service requirements to become an Eagle Scout! We are blessed to have him volunteer to help us in this way!

Please be in prayer for the many details of the next few weeks.

10-16 Update

We are very pleased with the amount of work that is getting done each day! 

On Tuesday, the decking was placed on the platform. We are still waiting for the sound equipment to be installed underneath the platform. Please pray that this can be accomplished yet this week. 

The baseboards are almost completely finished and should be ready to install as soon as the carpet is put down. 

Bob Kaltenberger continues to lead in caring for the exterior of the building. We so appreciate his dedication in trying to help us restore the grounds and parking lot. 

Some decorating has been done in the ladies room and the mirrors are back up. On Tuesday the men build a temporary door for the ladies room. It is a little rugged, but what a blessing to have it! πŸ™‚ If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, than we ladies can call it beautiful. What thoughtful men we have! (Thanks, guys!!)

Men continue to work on the electrical covers and outlets. Ladies have been faithfully cleaning lights and floors.

Shelves were put back up in the foyer closet allowing us to put many items back away. Yeah!

The foyer was also repainted Tuesday evening. That should be the end of the painting except for some touch up work here and there.

The men’s room partitions were also finished on Tuesday.

Yet this week, we are hoping to have the new foyer tile fully installed. We will need to use the northern side door to access the building while this work is being accomplished. 

Matters for prayer:

We need to get natural gas service to the building again. Please pray that the utility company will get this restored.

We need strength to make this final push. In the next two weeks we will Lord-willing get carpet and cabinets and appliances and our HVAC system back. There is much to accomplish!

We need to continue to seek the Lord to provide for the financial burden that all of this restoration is costing. We do rejoice in all that the Lord has prompted folks to give already!

10-14 Update

We are done painting until after the foyer tile has been installed. We are waiting to second coat the foyer until after that.

The painting is complete in the bathrooms and the cove base was installed. Most of the toilets are set and working.

The partitions were installed in the ladies room today! Yeah! The men’s room partitions were started and should be finished on Tuesday.

The staining of the baseboard is complete and men are planning to add the clear coat.

Light fixtures were cleaned and woodwork and banisters have all been wiped down.

We are hoping that the sound system work will be completed this week so that we can put the decking back on the platform by the end of the week.

10-11 Update

More pictures have been added! πŸ™‚

We are finally at the fun stuff! It has been exciting to see things finally turn the corner and begin to look more familiar! Many folks have been working long hours trying to accomplish all of the painting of the entire downstairs of the building.


We are grateful to Todd and Krista Sivnksty for working along beside us for several days during their visit this week. Todd helped a lot with parking lot clean-up, and Krista helped with cleaning and painting.


The kitchen walls and ceiling have been painted. The closets have all been painted. The foyer received a first coat of color on Thursday, and it looks awesome. The bathroom ceilings are painted. The ladies room was room was “ragged” and painted on Thursday as well. We hope the ladies will like it.


The men have some fun plans for their bathroom as well. (Think mountains and Jeeps) πŸ™‚


The window treatments and blinds have been ordered for the auditorium.

The carpet has all been ordered and is scheduled to be delivered on the 28th.


The parking lot was hosed down again three days this week. Our thanks to all the men who have worked very hard at restoring our parking lot.


Trenton and Carson cleared all the dried muck off the volleyball court. The muck had made a beautiful mosaic, but we are glad it is gone.


There is still plenty of painting to be done! If you wish to help, please bring a roller pan and frame. We can provide the roller covers.


There is also interior clean-up to be done. The painting is complete in several rooms so these rooms can be thoroughly cleaned and some things can be moved back in. There is also still a layer of dust on the upstairs woodwork and doors that needs cleaned up.


We need to install bathroom cove base. On Saturday we would like to reset the toilets in the bathrooms. The new partitions for the bathrooms are scheduled to be delivered and installed on Monday so these others jobs will be much easier if we do them before Monday.


If you stop by, we’ll find work for you to do!  πŸ™‚

10-5 Update

New pictures are up! Click on the picture below to access the album.

The drywall was ready for primer today and a nice crew of folks got it all done before noon. We also put primer over the specialty paints in the bathrooms, so that they can receive paint again.


On Monday the drywall contractor is planning to texture the new drywall.


Monday evening we could use a crew to clean up the dust from their work. The wood trim and doors upstairs and handrails are covered with dust and need wiped down since that should be the end of the heavy dust. We can also clean up the flooring downstairs.


On Tuesday we should be able to primer over the texturing. Then on Wednesday we could begin painting all of the downstairs walls. If you come to paint, please bring your paint trays and roller frames and we will provide the roller covers and paint.


The lot was “swept” professionally today, so if you saw the dust plume on the south end of town that was us. πŸ™‚ The lot is as clean as it has been in three weeks, though still dusty.


About half of the landscape islands have been cleared of muck and rocks. We would welcome any strong backs willing to tackle more of those. πŸ™‚


On Friday, Pastor Rice and Bill Hendershot battled the snow and wind and stubborn muck and blew out the sprinkler system. Thanks, men! 

9-30 Update

The cabinets for the kitchen, nursery, and bathrooms have all been ordered and could take approximately 4 weeks to arrive. The kitchen appliances were ordered and are available when we are.

The piano and organ were both looked at and seem to be okay! There doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage to either one. We are grateful!!

The “surviving” hymnals were wiped down on Monday.

Some work has been accomplished on the landscape islands. More work is scheduled for Monday evening (9-30).

The company that sells the bathroom dividers is coming on Tuesday. We are curious to know what the wait time will be on that important detail.

On Saturday we are planning to prime all of the new drywall to prepare it to be textured on Monday. The church will provide the primer and 9″ roller covers. Those who are willing to help are asked to bring paint pans, paint roller frames, and painting clothes. (The contractor said that we don’t need to trim with the primer so we will not need to brush the primer into the corners.) 

Friday Update 9-27

Things are beginning to look more familiar at the church. The dry wall is all up and they have started the finishing work.

We are finishing up the ordering of the cabinets for the bathrooms, nursery, and kitchen and the kitchen appliances.Β 

We are trying to get outside help through several volunteer organizations to help us remove the rocks and muck from our landscape islands. We would like to get some outdoor clean-up work doneΒ this SaturdayΒ (9-28) if the weather dries out.Β 

9-24 Update

More pictures have been added to this album (below) of Monday and Tuesday’s work!

Around 85 chairs were cleaned on Monday. A huge amount of chairs were cleaned today! (around 240!!!) Many thanks to the folks who spent long hours scrubbing them down. A group of three ladies was planning to finish up the final 26 chairs on Wednesday morning. What a huge accomplishment! Thank you everyone who helped!

We did get additional large equipment for moving mud so men are working at moving our layer of mud around.

Most of the plywood was installed. We are waiting to cover the platform because of some needed work on sound equipment underneath it. The drywall was delivered on Tuesday and the company is to begin installation Wednesday morning.

Now that the inside has been handed off to someone else for about a week, we would like to see some more progress outside.

With cold weather approaching we need to be able to remove the mud from the lawns so that we can blow out our sprinkler system. We certainly don’t want to have additional repairs to that system as well. If you are able to come and help with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

A smaller task that needs done is wiping down the hymnals that did survive. They are stacked in the far southwest classroom upstairs.