11-1 Update

It is exciting to see work continue to be accomplished!   We had a nice group of men working together on various projects on Thursday. The new interior doors were delivered on Wednesday and quite a few of them were installed on Thursday. Despite our protests, a brand new door was placed on the ladies room, replacing the much-appreciated, temporary door that the men had so kindly built for us.   The carpet is almost finished – just some stairs remain to be carpeted.   The hard wood arrived for the platform, and men are hoping to begin that installation Friday morning.   The electrical wiring and gas are ready for the installation of the HVAC units. The men hope to make great progress on that on Saturday.   Men are working to install the cabinets in the bathrooms and nursery. We hope to install the kitchen cabinets on Saturday.   Ladies continue to try to win the battle with all the fine dust that continues to settle on everything.   Some decorating was accomplished in the bathrooms this week. There is still more work to be done in the men’s room.   Late Friday afternoon (Nov. 1), we are expecting the delivery of our new kitchen appliances. Delivery is scheduled between 4 – 6 PM if you want to help us unload the units and bring them inside.    Several men are planning to come on Friday to help us install the baseboards throughout the building. The baseboards have been installed in the choir room.   When the carpet and baseboards are complete, we will have the wonderful opportunity of moving all the things that we have been storing upstairs back to their places on the main level. It will be thrilling to return these items to their places. 🙂  

We are hoping to arrange for a crew of young men to help us bring all of the chairs back downstairs in the next few days. They were a blessing in helping us to get them all carried upstairs about six weeks ago.  
Men worked for hours on Thursday moving more of the old landscaping rock off of the parking lot and onto the driveway behind the church. There is still more rock to be moved. We are grateful for drier weather again so that this work can continue.  
Colton, a local Eagle Scout candidate, is making preparations to restore our landscaping. Watch for that work to begin soon.  
SO MUCH is being accomplished each day, and we rejoice in the folks who are working long hours to help restore our building.   If you haven’t helped yet, we invite you to come and help out!  
Please be in prayer for the many who are working.   We need wisdom and strength and gentleness.