11-10 Update

What a joy to meet together in our own building once again this morning! We are VERY grateful for the invitation to meet at the Campion Seventh Day Adventist facility for the past seven weeks, but coming “home” to 325 South Taft Avenue was very memorable. 🙂

A nice group of volunteers was out on Saturday and helped us do some additional cleaning and organization. The building was also transformed by the addition of the fabric on the back wall of the auditorium and on the nursery walls.

Colton led a group of scouts and parents in adding fresh rock to our landscaping islands. It’s amazing how much the clean rock improves our landscaping! What a terrific blessing to have community volunteers do so much of our outside clean-up and restoration. We are humbled by the willingness of others to help us with this difficult task. May the Lord reward them for their great kindness to us!

We are planning to move our piano back to our building Monday afternoon. After it readjusts to our building, we can have it tuned later in the week. If all goes well, we are hopeful that we will be able to use it again by next Sunday.

We do hope that we can accomplish more in the kitchen this week. If all goes well, we may be able to have a Kitchen Cleaning Day on Saturday. We will try to keep everyone posted on that possibility.