11-15 Update

Ladies, Saturday (16th) is our opportunity to clean ALL of the contents of both the upper and lower cabinets in the church kitchen! Sandra Wright is heading up a group of ladies to accomplish this large task, so please give Sandra a call if you are able to help! We are meeting at 9:00 A.M. to begin work. Please bring along additional dish-drying towels as we will need all that we can get.

The auditorium curtains were added on Wednesday! Our thanks to Karen DeGeal for all of her work in designing and making them!! We appreciate all the time and effort involved!  🙂

On Wednesday we also got our hot water heater for the kitchen! We are very grateful to Rinnai for donating a tankless hot water heater!! How nice to get hot water from the tap again! 🙂

The final few interior doors were installed on Thursday

The kitchen appliances are all installed – assuming the regular dishwasher is installed as planned today (Friday).

The renewal of our landscaping islands is almost complete. Community volunteers have worked many long, hard hours to make that possible. We are deeply grateful!!