11-19 Update

Each day brings us closer to being done with our restoration. Of course, there will be small improvements to make regularly, as with anything else we do. The children’s choir is planning to sing the song, “He’s Still Workin’ on Me,” on Sunday. We are still working on our building and the Lord is still working on us. 🙂

On Saturday, Colton and his crew of helpers finished up the restoring of our landscape islands. What a tremendous improvement to see all the fresh stone instead of the thick muck! We are very grateful for all of the time and effort in transforming our landscaping!! 

Also on Saturday, a group of ladies cleaned all of the items for the lower kitchen cabinets and got them all put away. On Monday (18th) ladies met again and cleaned everything in the upper cabinets and wiped those out as well. 

Later in the week we hope to finish off the cosmetic touches on the kitchen with trim, cove base, etc. We also will need to install the regular dishwasher.

It was certainly wonderful to have the piano back on Sunday! We are in the process of looking for a new organ. 

There are some small tasks to do before our Open House on Sunday

Please call the church office if you would like to help out with refreshments for the Open House. We still have need of some additional items.