11-3 Update

Work continues in many different phases of restoration. The hardwood on the main platform was completed on Saturday. This week men hope to install the hardwood flooring on the piano and organ platforms.

Many of the kitchen cabinets were installed on Saturday. We also hope to get more accomplished in there in the coming week.

The fabric (carpet) for the back wall of the auditorium is due to be delivered on Wednesday, and we hope to have it installed on Saturday.

The ducting for the HVAC has been delayed, but we have decided to go ahead with plans to meet in our building this coming Sunday, November 10th. It may be wise to dress warmly in case we are unable to have heat by then.

Please note, we do plan to move our AWANA ministry back to our building this week. The main classrooms for AWANA were cleared out on Saturday, so we believe we are ready.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the organ will not be salvaged, so we need to find a new one.

Please see the jobs list for a list of work that needs to be done.

As announced, we would welcome everyone who is able to come to meet us at the building at 6:30 PM on Tuesday to help shuttle all of our auditorium chairs back to the main level.

More pictures have been added to the Restoration Album! Click below to access it.