Getting Close

Getting Close

Here’s some questions for you to consider.

If God is perpetually present, is it possible to enjoy unceasing communion with him?

In other words… Can we have that contact with God all the time?


Would it be possible to live – minute by minute – in the presence of God?



I’m talking about all the time you are awake, then falling asleep in His arms, and re-awakening in His presence.


Can we attain that?

Is such intimacy even possible?

Is such a goal realistic?

Is this within our reach?


May I suggest…

Jesus’s actions… teach us that He enjoyed unbroken communion with God.



If we are to be just like Jesus…

Should not, you and I strive to do the same?


Open your heart…

Sense the presence of His Spirit in every movement you make… His direction of your very steps.

And… feel His unseen hand as He lovingly guides.

Taste the thrill of fellowship with God and don’t be upset when He shows you the seeds of discord that He finds disgusting… for, He wishes that you engage them in order to to shine His light into such dark places.



The activity of keeping in constant touch with God, of making Him the object of your thought and the companion of your conversations, will grow from a few precious minutes each day to longer and more often times.



One day, you will be able to engage for such moments throughout your entire day.




Daily, integrating such times of concentration upon God is strenuous, but you will soon discover that most everything else is ceasing to be so.


You discover that…

You think more clearly.

You forget less frequently.

Things which you did with much strain before, you now do easily and with no effort whatever.

You worry much less and sleep better.

Sometimes, you may feel as if you are walking on air.

Even when you look in the mirror…  there’s new sparkle in your eyes and a radiance in your face.

You often find yourself in less of a hurry.

On many fronts… a calmness begins to return.



Don’t miss the nearness of God… the gentle touch of our Savior… the quiet whispers of the Holy Spirit.

I pray that you too, may be described as being intoxicated with the fullness of His presence and a radiant from the endless communion with our Lord.


Draw Close…

He is near and waiting.