Our Mission & Vision:

The mission and vision of Gateway Baptist Church is to glorify God by following the command and passion of Jesus Christ which is making disciples. We believe that the best way to make disciples is by connecting people with God and with God’s people. We find that if we prioritize our lives around the following three statements we can better balance this goal.

(1) Love God – Worship

(2) Love God’s people – Small Groups

(3) Love God’s Work – Make disciples in service to God

Our Growth:

Making disciples is simply drawing people to a growing and intimate relationship with God. As individuals we are to worship God in our intimate relationship with Him on a regular basis.

We worship as a community of believers together on Wednesdays and Sundays as an expression of the intimate relationship we have as individuals throughout the week.

A small group (Bible class, peer group, prayer group etc.) moves us from the crowd to a community and provides the opportunity to connect with others and grow with others.

The growth we experience will energize our service in God’s work. Serving is of high value here at Gateway. We encourage everyone to engage in service to God.