“Energy For 2020”

Energizer Bunnies of the Bible


Have you ever thought about it…

Wow, there were many exceptional people in the Bible who exhibited exceptional energy… energizer bunnies… Those who kept going for a very, long time… Those who kept going despite horrible circumstances… Those who kept going even the when people sought to stop or kill them… Those who kept going when confronted with poor health, old age and even surrounded my nay sayers.


So what kept them energized?

What or Who were they plugged into?


Indeed, there were many, but this morning, let’s take a brief look at just one… plugged In David.



David… an Old Testament Energizer Bunny



What made David run?


What makes the child run and shout with glee on a summer morning?

What brings the lover running to the door where their beloved returns?


So what made David run?


David was a God-intoxicated man.

For David had gazed on God until he was enraptured and he could not always contain that rapture.


While still a young man, in the presence of the Holy Ark he let himself go in an ecstatic dance that delighted God as much as it outraged the coldhearted Michal.


I don’t know about you…

But, when I was young… I loved the Psalms of David long before I knew why.


Back then I would return to them again and again… and at times it seems more than to any other portion of Scripture… I would chide myself for this preference for after all I was a New Testament believer and the Psalms belonged to the Old.


Then one day I read a sentence from a little book by Horatius Bonar.

It said simply… “The Spirit of Jesus dwells in the Psalms.”

I thought… so true… I knew what I saw… what I loved… that same rapture of the Spirit of God touching… speaking to me through the Word… through the expressions of David… David, sold out to the Lord… at his best… even at his worst.


For, David in the Spirit knew and communed with the One who was to be his son according to the flesh, “and who through the Spirit of holiness was declared with power to be the Son of God by his resurrection from the dead” (Romans 1:4).


It was the love of Christ that made David run… “O love of Jesus! Blessed love!”


Yes, for energizer bunnies like David… David waited patiently for the LORD.

He delighted in the LORD and committed his way to Him.


This was David’s power source.


It can be ours as well!


Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him. (Psalm 37:7a)


Dear Lord, we have a hard time being still and waiting for You.

We seem to be activity prone and impatient.

May we sit still, shut up and wait on You… Amen


Draw Close…

He is Near…