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On the “maddening ambiguity” of our faith

Remember the words of C.S. Lewis… he said that you and I live in what C. S. Lewis called a “maddening ambiguity.”

On one hand, our Father loves us individually beyond compare.

In “The Weight of Glory”, Lewis observed: “Everything that is joined to the immortal head will share his immortality.”
He noted, “It was not for societies or states that Christ died, but for men.”

On the other hand, our value lies not in who we are but in Whose we are.

According to Lewis, “As mere biological entities, each with its separate will to live and to expand, we are apparently of no account; we are cross-fodder” (cf. Galatians 2:20). However, “as organs in the Body of Christ, as stones and pillars in the temple, we are assured of our eternal self-identity and shall live to remember the galaxies as an old tale.”

We were made for a life more abundant than our fallen culture can experience or even imagine (John 10:10). 

But we will find this life only when we join ourselves to a larger narrative in which we play only one part.

How can one find their role in God’s redemptive story?

Bob Buford (a most effective leadership mentor) wrote numerous books and collaborated with a number of other authors.  In his foreword to Chip Ingram’s insightful “Good to Great in God’s Eyes”, Buford stated his threefold passion:

  • To help people discover their Core (the best they have to offer);
  • To create Capacity (make time and money available to fulfill their God-given calling and design);
  • To discover the Context (the unique role and place they fit to make the greatest difference) for the glory of God.


What is your core?

What spiritual gifts has God bequeathed to you?
What abilities and resources has God entrusted to you?
What is your capacity?
Are you devoting your time and money to serving God and others with your best?

If not, why not?

What is your context?

Do you believe you are making your greatest impact on our culture for God’s glory?

If not, pray for God’s leadership and seek wisdom from those to whom He directs you.

Christians who are committed to their core, capacity, and context change the world, one eternal soul at a time.

Let’s not miss a day to engage in this important assignment our Lord has entrusted to us.

(Some of the above from The Denison Forum)

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