Hearing God in a Noisy World

On Hearing God in a Loud, Loud World


For sure, we live in a loud world.

But, ya-know, noise is nothing new.

Just, take a stroll through the woods on a cool night and hear the tree frogs, cicada, hoot owls, and more… there are plenty of noises.

But, come daylight and enter the concrete jungle… Oh, such an enhanced level of noise.


And there are other types of “noise”… those exacerbated by the “benefits” of technology.

Today, we are continually bombarded with screen images, vibrations, words, and messages. 


A result… not only are we aware that we regularly ignore some of the messages we hear, we actively attempt to bypass many of the voices seeking our attention (spam filters, fast-forwarding through commercials, screening calls, etc.).

Yet no matter how much we attempt to limit the noise in our lives, we still live in an ever-louder culture.




How do you hear God in such an environment? 

A God Who tell is that He whispers.

Yes, a quiet God.

Indeed, He speaks…

He has chosen to communicate with His creation.

And, yes, while He is free to speak however, He chooses, He most often chooses to speak in quiet ways.

And, so often, rather than wowing our eyes, He chooses to reveal Himself and His counsel to our ears.


So… here we are.


Whereas our God chooses to communicate with us quietly… ever so quietly… humanity shouts and screams nearly every message.

Yes, our God quietly continues to whisper His presence, His revelations of His character, and His invitations to us to follow Him.


I sense that maybe this convergence of a loud world and quiet God is one reason so many people do not believe God is real or active or loving.

For, having not heard from Him, they assume He doesn’t exist.

But He does…

Yes, He does…

He just speaks with a softer voice than people assume.

And, being technically (and probably clinically) deaf from listen for years to over-amped music either through your earbuds, car stereo, club-scenes, over-the-top venue performances or even feel-it-in-your-chest church music… is no excuse, as God speaks in ways He can only do.


Think about it…


Imagine being seated across a lunch table with someone very, very wise. You are seeking direction on an important business venture. The sage speaks quietly with intention and purpose. You hang on every word he speaks. In a quiet restaurant, he is easy to hear. But as the restaurant fills, it becomes more difficult. Groups are laughing and talking. Servers are bustling around taking orders and delivering food. As a line forms with people waiting to be seated, the restaurant manager turns up the music. Now… the once quiet conversation is impossible to hear. So, what do you do? You lean in. You stop looking the other person in the eye and start watching their lips. You might move tables, change restaurants, or ask the host to turn down the music. If the message is truly important, you go to great lengths to hear.


I believe… right now… yes, now.

Humanity has never lived in a time in which we needed to use such intention to hear the words of God.

If you and I are not intentional in seeking the voice of God, we will likely never hear Him.

Not in this culture.

Not in the loudness of our times.

His voice will be ignored, overlooked, and even if heard, forgotten.

You and I must seek Him.

Knowing the importance of His voice and understanding the loudness of our times, we must intentionally seek to hear from God.


So… are there some time tested, scripturally centered things you and I can do?


Maybe… some things we can each do which can greatly increase the likelihood that we will hear Him better. Please know, before considering the following, I want to make sure there is no confusion over one issue. God speaks to us through His Word…the Bible. While He is free to speak in other ways, those methods are uncertain and greatly open to human misunderstanding. The one thing we never have to doubt is the truthfulness of Scripture. For many, far too much credit is given to impressions, feelings, and pointless circumstances and far too little time is spent with the Bible. Learn to listen to the God of the Bible.


So… just some prayerful suggestions.


Weekly… regularly submit to Biblical preaching and teaching.

I know, for many today, it may seem a foolish method of communication, but it’s a method God chose. Podcasts don’t count. Videos don’t count. Find an average man chosen by God at an average church who diligently preaches the Bible. Repeat regularly. Take notes and trust God to speak.


Daily read His Word alone.

Don’t expect to understand everything. Don’t feel pressured to gain a great insight every day. But every day read at least a chapter if not more and soon, you will know that over a lifetime this will likely be the greatest avenue through which God speaks.


Regularly read His Word with others.

Every community needs a Bible and every Bible needs a community. By reading with others not only will you gain accountability, but also you will invest in the lives of others. Possibly the most overlooked aspect of American Christianity is the fact that the Bible was originally written to people who would listen to it together.


Routinely learn from others.

Podcasts, videos, blogs, books, and other formats should not replace involvement in a local church, a small group, some other gathering. But… they can play an important role in our spiritual lives. Avoid the flashy titles and modern superstars, but find solid men and women who daily model godliness and teach His word faithfully.


Indeed, it’s a loud, loud world and it’s only going to get louder.

If you and I don’t show intention in listening with all our important relationships, you and I will pay a price.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our relationship with God.


He’s speaking.

Are you listening?


Draw Close, He is Near